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Our courses




Choreographed atrhythmof trendy songs, you will be guided by our instructors throughout the training. This spin workout is designed to work the legs as well as the upper body using thefree weights.

Rushcycle Studio Signature Course! 

Suitable for all levels! 45 mins.

Do you like road and mountain biking? The PERFORUSH courses are similar to this, because they will make you work on yourPowerfuland yourendurance. You will be ready to face any terrain!

Suitable for all  levels! 45 mins. 90 mins.



This course allows you to explore the basics of RUSHCYCLE. Practice in a versionhybridfrom RUSH45 and PERFORUSH. 

Suitable for all levels! 45 mins.

Signature course!

Ideal course for beginners

performance course



How to start your Friday evening off right? Embark on our bikes and let yourself be carried away in thethematicmusic of the week.

Have a blast in this surprise workout! 45 mins.

Thematic course

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